About Oil Maker Machine

Oil Maker Machine By Shreeja Health Care Products

We Are Manufacturing the Machine which gives you the Home Made edible Oil, Homemade Oil maker machine in India and leading Oil Maker Machine Manufacturers in India.

Oil Maker Machine By SHREEJA Health Care Products is the Sub unit of Laxmi Pipe Industries.

It was an established in 2017 and its located at Pipodra G.I.D.C Near KIM Surat.

Home Made Pure edible Oil in front of your eyes only and the waste generated is also edible in various applications.

You can crush all type of seeds and grasp pure and healthy edible oil.

Oil Extraction Machine Manufacturers in India

There are lots of great things about our new model Oil Maker Machine, we are the leading Oil Press Machine Manufacturers in India. On one hand, this small oil maker machine is less expensive and much easier to operate than bigger oil machines. It’s very convenient that can help you make oil any time at any place. On the other hand, due to today’s uncertain times, there may be needed to increase and even press your own oil for health consideration.

With our home manual oil maker, you may make any type of essential oil as you want with ease and fun. Oil Maker Machine is not hard to operate and less costly.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified company
Date of Certification: 24th May 2017
Date of Expiry: 23rd May 2020